Trauma Toolbox

May 25 2022 | 2:00 pm PST - 2:50 pm PST
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Trauma healing meets three times a week, and we have a different format each time.

On Wednesdays, we add another tool to our toolbox or practice using one we already have. Healing from trauma requires not just that we process one time, but that we build out a toolbox for ourselves that helps us cope with triggers and stressors as they come up in real time. Bottom up tools help us regulate our thought processes and emotional responses from the body up to the brain. Top down tools help us regulate our thought processes and emotional responses from the brain down to the body.

Each week we look at a tool. We talk about why it works, practice using it, and get curious about any resistance that comes up and gets in our way.

Rules -
- No leading with your "I can't" or your "yeah, but". Resistance is normal and super important, but it's also important to learn how to put it up on a high shelf and try something for a few minutes.
- If you are at work, driving your car, building a house, busy taking care of small children or pets, or operating some kind of large machinery, you are more than welcome to listen and take notes. But don't try the exercise until you are in the appropriate space to do so.
- Sometimes engaging with tools brings up emotions. That's ok. In fact, sometimes it is good! Please have a plan for grounding yourself ahead of time in case this happens.

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* Class topics rotate and some topics are episodic. So they periodically come and go. Check back often for the latest classes.
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