360 Degrees of Wellness for Grief, Loss & Healing

May 24 2022 | 3:15 pm PST - 4:05 pm PST
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In this group we will take time to understand our loss(es), move through our grief (both the physical and emotional feelings) and discuss how wellness may have to be re-defined after experiencing loss.

My own journey of wellness, has roots in loss. After experiencing loss, wellness wasn’t just a trip to the gym or a protein shake anymore. Wellness looked different, the tools I discovered and used felt more mature, more calm, had more staying power. Those tool came in the form of mindfulness, movement, meditation, releasing old expired relationships, leaving old patterns of thought and ultimately establishing a deeper connection and love for myself so that I could better weather the next inevitable loss. Join me in this group that allows us all to gain new perspective on loss and grief so that we can be well anew.

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