Taune Lyons

Taune sees relationships as the lifeblood of a well-lived existence, and is devoted to understanding and helping folks create healthier and intentional ones - including the one they have with themselves. She came to the world of psychotherapy by way of the well-traversed wounded healer’s path. She experienced her own demons from a young age: anxiety, depression, ADHD, and relational wounding. She took what might be called the heroine’s journey, becoming entranced with learning various ways of healing: food, art, yoga, spirituality for the spiritually-averse, and the social sciences.

Now she loves holding space for folks who are seeking meaning, fulfillment, and finding the “who” they are under the ways they’ve been conditioned.
She describes her approach as integrative, but mainly relational, transpersonal, and psychodynamic. Or in non-jargon terms: curious, contemplative, and playful. Taune aims to guide clients into greater emotional awareness, radical self-acceptance, and nourishing wholeness.

She teaches LAB classes dedicated to diving deeper into relational healing of all kinds.

Current classes: DEEPER Attachment Styles & Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents aka Emotional Maturity within Family Systems
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