MC McDonald

Dr. MaryCatherine (MC) McDonald is a professor, certified life coach, and writer who focuses on trauma. Just a little bit rebellious and just a little bit stubborn, she chose to get a PhD when everyone said that she couldn't. And then she chose trauma as a research topic when everything said that she shouldn't. One of her favorite colleagues at her first teaching job somewhat sarcastically gave her the nickname Dr. Sunshine because she was studying death, dying, mourning, and trauma with a smile on her face. She wears the nickname with great pride.

MC has been researching, teaching, coaching, and writing about trauma for longer than she cares to admit because numbers make her feel old. It is her goal in life to change the way that we talk about trauma. She's currently writing her third book on trauma, managing a coaching practice, trying to get a podcast up and running, and when she has any free time at all she likes to get abysmally lost in the woods.

In the LAB trauma group, there is a focus on understanding trauma more deeply, demystifying both the symptoms and the healing process, and connecting and supporting one another as we cope.
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