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Life in the 21st century has made community and self-awareness a little more necessary but a little less convenient. Plus scheduling appointments and in-person meet-ups all over town may not fit into your schedule anymore. With the TAT Lab app you can open yourself up to a new way to grow that's accessible anywhere.
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TAT Lab is more than just a wellness app. It’s an entire ecosystem of content, courses, and community dedicated to helping you feel better and embrace the real you.
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Self-Help Is a Team Sport

We’re all at various stages of our lives, suffering from different pains and experiencing different struggles. Our group classes are designed to help you rediscover and rebuild yourself through others.

Here are a few of some of our most popular group classes led by our amazing instructors:

Some of our group classes

There are so many definitions of codependency out there it’s hard to know what it really means or if and how you actually struggle with it. In this series of courses, we start with a Codependency 101 course to ground ourselves in an understanding of the term and the personality and behavior traits that go along with it. From there we break out each of the traits into its own course for a deeper dive into the causes, struggles, and ways to overcome each one.
In this class, we’ll be exploring your wiring and what's running underneath. Creating new narratives. Shifting beliefs through new experiences, what that would look like + group accountability. Everything begins or ends with what you believe.
This process group unpacks all of the topics that come up when we’re single. from loneliness, owning our singlehood, blaming ourselves after a relationship ends, dating & “situationships,” letting go of the fantasy of what could’ve been and so much more.. we explore every aspect of what it’s like to be a single person in a culture that teaches us to believe our only option for living a full life includes a “happily ever after.”
We’re all just a little bit haunted. By our experiences, by our exes, by our former selves. Trauma can be a little bit of a sneaky ghost. No matter how self-aware you are, there likely are traumatic experiences lingering within your psyche and quietly eroding your sense of self, your trust in others and the world, and your ability to connect. In order to continue to grow into ourselves fully, we must all shine a light on those hidden traumas every now and then. So, grab a flashlight. In this group, we’re going to look closely at your present to uncover what may be hidden in your past. We will identify major and minor traumas, understand the neurobiological response to overwhelm that can make trauma lasting, and we will take the beginning steps to eradicate these symptoms. The goal? Understand and manage trauma triggers so that you can become fully present and connected in your life.
The way we emotionally connected with our caretakers affects nearly every other connection we have later in life, but it doesn’t need to be a life sentence. We can rewire it. Come unravel some of the hows + ways you connect (whether a bit anxiously, more avoidantly, or all-together disorganized) and begin the journey towards becoming more securely attached to your inner needs, and available for conscious, intentional relationships.
*Classes rotate and new topics are added regularly!
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Wellness Your Way

TAT Lab has 3 levels of membership, each packed with content dedicated to helping you on your journey towards a better version of yourself so you can live closer to your potential.

100s of hours of select audio you can listen to anywhere

Short self-betterment lessons on various topics like relationships, attachment styles, spirituality, mindfulness

New audio added every month

Curated playlists of The Angry Therapist Podcast

EXCLUSIVE Interviews with Lab instructors and wellness experts


All the content from the FREE Version

All full-length audio courses (plus new monthly courses)

Occasional free access to the Live Zoom classes

Short self-betterment lessons on various topics like relationships, attachment styles, spirituality, mindfulness

Member-only self-betterment and accountability texts

Curated playlists of The Angry Therapist Podcast

EXCLUSIVE Interviews with Lab instructors and wellness experts


All the content from the FREE and AUDIO Versions

Access to ALL audio on the app + exclusive self-betterment and accountability texts

UNLIMITED access to LIVE Zoom Group Classes led by our team of therapists and coaches

EXCLUSIVE content, instruction, support, community, accountability check-ins

Meet The Angry Therapist

John Kim started TAT Lab during the pandemic — when everyone was stuck at home, filled with anxiety and uncertainty. He wanted to create a space where people could connect with others and work on themselves, despite being trapped at home. So while under lockdown, John put together a team of rockstar therapists and coaches to help him run live Zoom classes.

Within a few weeks, John and his team saw 400 people logging in to these online classes and sharing their individual stories. To everyone who participated, it didn't feel like they were “doing the work.” It felt more like a social hang. And this became the tone. Like everything John does, the Lab was casual over clinical. It was WITH people instead of AT people.

Today, TAT Lab is an app, complete with 100s of hours of audio content, audio courses, and live Zoom classes on a variety of wellness topics. But TAT Lab is not just an app: it’s a safe space for anyone who wants to turn self-betterment into a lifestyle. It’s for anyone who’s searching for a new way to grow.

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